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Marisa was the lead coach and facilitator at my first golf event, so I was intimidated walking into the event, but after receiving welcoming and thoughtful interactions with Marisa I felt really comfortable. She has a unique ability to lead through inspirations versus intimidation. 


I’ve found a new appreciation for a sport that I had little experience prior. I developed valuable relationships, and I found golf motivated me to challenge myself, stay focused and patient. I’m looking forward to the next event with Marisa and continuing to learn from her.

Illianna Acosta

Linkedin, Senior Manager of Channel Sales - Ad Tech Partners

This eye opening, unexpected experience was really insightful and necessary for organizations. It’s one of those things that you didn’t know that you needed, but extremely important to solve everyday issues people experience. This needs to be implemented for upper executive/management teams.

LeTrinh Hoang

Investor Relations at LHC Capital Partners

Our recent golf outing in AZ began with 16 industry leaders, most had never previously met, yet over the course of the weekend, everyone participating walked away with connections, referrals, and invaluable opportunities and insights shared. 

Marisa’s contributions created a fun and engaging environment, fostering a sense of camaraderie and trust that laid the foundation for meaningful business relationships. The recreational tournament format broke down barriers quickly, allowing rapport amongst participants to develop naturally. We have our second golf outing already on the calendar - it’s evident this is a powerful tool for our business.

Private Client

CEO Tech Company

Marisa has an infectious enthusiasm for making the people around her better at whatever they do.  After 9 holes with her my golf game certainly improved, but it was over lunch that her high performance insights convinced me I could have benefited from them throughout my career path.

David Radulski

Senior Advisor at GROUNDSPEED


Marisa was an amazing guest to have at our offsite meeting. Her stories came from her heart and she was very authentic and relatable. Also, she really made sure everyone felt included and was having fun (despite the diverse levels of experience we had with golf) with her amazing social skills and wonderful coaching for all levels!

Miyuki Shinohara 

Procter & Gamble, Director of Human Resources, Japan and Korea Talent Practice Leader

Marisa was a phenomenal Keynote Speaker at BOA’s recent Women’s Golf Event. She delivered practical strategies for wellness and success that resonated with our group of highly successful female executives. Feedback from our guests was tremendously positive. We appreciated that Marisa engaged with all of our clients personally and offered additional one-on-one connection / coaching. We recommend her to any and all looking to engage an inspiring speaker!

Nicole BlackBurn

SVP at Bank of America Merrill Lynch

I've often been told I'm organized and efficient - but Marisa took it to a new level at a recent Women in the C-Suite "Chip and Sip" golf event hosted by Bank of America.

As a professional golfer, Marisa has created systems that allow her to operate in a zone of excellence at all times.

From creating a 'mental gym,' to even having KPIs for her relationship (this actually was quite enlightening and not as rigid as it seems!), Marisa's approach to work, personal and wellness, was massively inspiring!

There was not a C-Suite executive in the room that wasn't motivated to go from good to GREAT as a result of Marisa's talk!

Nicole Vasquez

Chief Executive Officer at MBD Partners

Marisa’s presentation was so eye opening - the content and delivery. I have so much respect and admiration for her and how she was able to seamlessly facilitate meaningful discussion amongst our clients! She is a professional and true definition of a shining light in every sense. She is truly a class act, a force to be reckoned with, and incredible inspiration! I have to say, I genuinely feel lucky to partner with such a fierce woman!

Jennifer Troia

Vultr, Global Field Marketing

Each time we connect, I am blown away by Marisa. Tremendously upbeat and warm with a strong demeanor. Marisa is just as poised in the boardroom, as she is on the golf course. I believe Marisa would be an excellent asset for various groups! You can feel the joy and interest Marisa has in making this a meaningful experience for her attendees.

Joe Berkowitz

VP of Sales at Innovative Group

These are real solutions to everyday issues people deal with, from a person who has lived it, grown from it, and now doing the most important thing in life... helping others. It’s commendable to see your drive and what it took to stay focused and get to the top - that's true character. Keep that spark - it’ll never go out as you continue to help others.

Steve Miller

CEO of CATO Partners

WhatsApp Image 2023-08-02 at 4.01.52 PM.jpeg

Marisa is a professional in every sense of the word. She is responsive, collaborative, and personable – not to mention an incredible golfer! Marisa has been a fan favorite at our event for 3+ years now. She instantly makes everyone in the group feel comfortable with her warm personality and contagious smile.

Taylor Manna 

Account Manager for Peter Jacobsen SPORTS

Having Marisa at the event was a really great value ad. It created a unique experience for our guests. Golf events can be stale, so we almost considered not doing a golf event, but Marisa’s involvement was a great way to inject really fresh, great energy.

J.P. Morgan Private Bank


The corporate athlete was meaningful to me and being sure all parts of your being are engaged to be at your optimal performance.  Strong message and why as leaders, we need to coach to perform at every level.  (I also loved the story shared about your partner and how he was with 6 organizations in a short period of time - That is a true experience right now.)  You are great, and I do hope to be a part of your program again in the future.

Colleen Hamilton

Senior HR Advisor for The O'Connor Group

Her demonstration of tenacity and “stick to it ness” is incredible and everything was exceptional - extremely impressive. I could listen to Marisa all day.

Mitchell Schneir

Head of Talent Acquisition at Apploi, Google

Your personality and demeanor is not scribable. No chance you can put your "it" factor on a resume. I can see how your success is grounded in you.

Private Client

Marisa is the quintessential professional. She provided instruction when asked, and her focus is always on the client's area of interest. She carefully approached players with suggestions for improvement without overwhelming them. Very effective! Given Marisa's assertiveness and interest in business, she was sure to engage with clients beyond golf. Our clients were thrilled to discuss their different business ventures and avenues for growth within them.

Leo Rodriquez 

General Partner SpaceFund, Chairman of Latin America at Emerson Automation Solutions

It was extremely inspiring to play golf with you today - to see a woman so powerful, talented, and skilled made me think there is a glimmer of hope for the rest of us golfing folks!

Randi Zuckerberg

Facebook, CEO Zuckerberg Media , CEO HUG

Marisa’s enthusiasm for the game and her dedication to her craft makes her a great person to work with. She is thorough, responsive, invested in the team, and always delivers professionally on time and on point - There’s no doubt big things are ahead for her.

Jeff Ritter

Managing Director for Sports Illustrated Golf 


Marisa is not only a very talented golfer, but she reads people very well. She was able to assess the clients’ openness to instruction and provided feedback accordingly. Quite the skill.

Bernard Paul-Hus

CEO, Founder, and President of Hypower Inc.

Marisa was great to work with at the Jeff Conine All-Star Classic!  She came with great ideas in the planning process - putting tips with Northwestern Mutual - and was on point with our branding at the event.  Marisa was extremely professional and even joined our corporate team for five holes to provide tips along the way.  Would highly recommend working with Marisa for future events! 

Brian Reas

Northwestern Mutual, CDO/COO at The South Florida Group

I had the pleasure of playing a round with the LPGA player Marisa Messana at Miami Beach Golf Club. It was by far the best Golf round of this year. I was impressed not only by her game but even more about her entrepreneurial spirit and kindness. I advise all my Golf playing clients to follow her. Her Videos are packed with fantastic Golf Tips to improve your game.

Joachim Vranken

CEO Upmarket GmbH | Founder Digital Leadership Summit | Advisor DMEXCO, CloudFest, Global Media Forum

with Marisa!
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